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PPB Assay by Equilibrium Dialysis

Creative Animodel offers plasma protein binding (PPB) assays for a wide range of species and strains. Our experts have spent decades of efforts to develop a fast, reliable and cost-effective equilibrium dialysis method to assess PPB for your drug candidates.

Why Equilibrium Dialysis?

Most drugs are more or less bound to proteins. The extent of PPB may significantly influence the distribution, clearance and efficacy of a drug. Only the fraction of drug which is unbound in blood and tissue components is available for pharmacological interaction. Plasma proteins are major contributors for drug binding in blood. Therefore, to better understand the relationship between drug concentrations and pharmacological effects, one of the most important things is to determine the unbound fraction of the total drug concentration. The Equilibrium Dialysis (ED) method is generally used to determine plasma binding of compounds. ED is typically regarded as the “gold standard” approach to measure PPB, avoiding the nonspecific binding and large plasma volumes that alternative techniques, such as ultrafiltration and ultracentrifugation, are encumbered.


Equilibrium Dialysis at Creative Animodel

Creative Animodel's PPB assay is performed using an equilibrium dialysis method to deliver a number of fractions of compound which are not bound to proteins (fu). There are methods to assess plasma protein binding using different percentages(10%, 50% and 100%) of plasma for flexibility depending on budget and compound characteristics. A semi-permeable membrane separates a protein-containing compartment from a protein-free compartment. This system is allowed to equilibrate at 37℃. And the test-compound presenting in each compartment is quantified by LC-MS/MS.

We Can Achieve Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis

Equilibrium dialysis is one of the most frequently used approaches to investigate drug binding, where the major drawbacks are the varying time to reach equilibrium (between 6 and 24 h), a long assay preparation and complexity of automation. By using rapid equilibrium dialysis, we can offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective method to assess PPB for your drug candidates.
• A Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis (RED) drug-protein binding assay using LC-MS/MS is developed using a novel technique that results in significantly improved assay precision and demonstrates a speed advantage. With the RED method, it is possible to screen a relatively large number of compounds for PPB in a drug discovery environment.
• A RED device recently appears to show the potential reducing preparation and equilibration time. Our experts can use a 96-well equilibrium dialyzer that provides a simple and reliable method to analyze up to 96 samples. With a shorter preparation and dialysis time, our RED method is automated to be a high-throughput assay for the determination of PPB.

Creative Animodel delivers consistent and high-quality data with a highly cost-effective automated approach. Our analytical scientists are very experienced and knowledgeable in the application of equilibrium dialysis. Creative Animodel is the best partner for your drug discovery.

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