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Protein Binding Assay

Creative Animodel is a professional provider of ADME and PK services and offers a range of in vitro protein binding assays for a wide variety of species. Our high-quality data and efficient assays can meet the demands from early drug discovery to new drug declaration, acquiring consistent good comments from customers.

Binding of drug molecules to plasma and tissue proteins can impact drug disposition and efficacy as it is believed that only the free fraction of the drug is available to interact with the disease target and exhibits pharmacological effects (Fig. 1). The extent to which drug molecules bind to proteins is a key parameter in predicting the volume of distribution and clearance, developing pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics relationships, predicting clinical dosages, etc. In recent years, there is an increasing demand for measuring protein binding in drug discovery and it has become a routine screening assay in the assessment of ADME properties of potential drug candidates.


Fig. 1. Drug interactions with biological components

Creative Animodel offers microsomal binding assays, brain tissue binding assays, blood partitioning assays, whole blood binding assays and various plasma protein binding(PPB) assays which can be conducted by HPLC, ultrafiltration and equilibrium dialysis to increase laboratory productivity and minimize human error in assay performance. The results from in vitro screening mimicking the drug tissue distribution in vivo will guide PK and PD prediction of selected compounds for further assessment and development.

Available Protein Binding Assays:

HPLC-Based Protein Binding Assay
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method is simple, sensitive, rapid and effective for the quantitative determination of drug concentration for pharmacokinetic studies.

PPB Assay by Ultrafiltration
Ultrafiltration (UF) technique is an easy-operating and time-saving approach using centrifugal force to separate free drug from plasma proteins through a size exclusion membrane.

PPB Assay by Equilibrium Dialysis
Equilibrium dialysis (ED) is typically regarded as the “gold standard” approach to measure PPB, avoiding the nonspecific binding.

Blood Partitioning Assay
Blood partitioning is the ratio between red blood cells and plasma, which reflects the distribution of drugs in the blood.

Brain Tissue Binding
For brain tissue binding, we have developed both standard and high throughput methods using brain homogenates to determine the fraction unbound (fu) of drugs in brain tissues.

Whole Blood Binding Assay
Whole blood binding assay helps to identify whether differential binding to a specific component in the blood occurs, and interpret pharmacokinetic data.

Microsomal Binding Assay
Microsomal binding assay can aid accurate assessment of hepatic intrinsic clearance and drug-drug interactions, which can increase efficiency and decrease knowledge cycle times in drug discovery.

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