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Sandwich-Cultured Hepatocytes (SCH) Assay

Creative Animodel provides sandwich-cultured hepatocytes (SCH) assay, a powerful in vitro tool to evaluate permeability of drugs. Hepatocytes from Creative Animodel are carefully prescreened and characterized for physiologically accurate level of biliary function and transporter activity. We promise to deliver maximum predictive data for hepatocyte studies.

Why Choose SCH Assay?

Hepatocyte cultures are an in vitro tool to evaluate mechanisms of drug uptake and metabolism, as well as cytochrome P450 induction potential. However, rapid loss of many liver-specific functions precludes the use of hepatocyte cultures for measurement of drug excretion and long-term studies. In contrast, when cultured between two layers of gelled collagen (sandwich-cultured hepatocytes) hepatocytes retain more in vivo-like properties.

SCH are a widely accepted in vitro model that can be utilized to study hepatobiliary drug transport, transport protein regulation, species differences in drug transport, drug-drug interactions, as well as hepatotoxicity. These cultures preserve many functional and structural characteristics of in vivo hepatocytes, including expression of efflux and uptake transporters, expression of drug metabolic enzyme, formation of bile canaliculi, and excretion of bile acids. Scientists have demonstrated that the sandwich configuration facilitates the formation of gap junctions and functional bile canalicular networks over days in culture.


Figure 1. Calculation of bile canalicular networks of SCH (Swift, B.; et al. 2010)

Effect Factors of SCH Assay

Extracellular matrix, components in media and culture media type are the most important three parameters when culturing hepatocytes in a sandwich configuration for hepatobiliary transport studies. The extent of bile canalicular network formation and transport proteins and optimal levels of metabolizing enzymes are important factors to consider when determining the appropriate time in culture to conduct functional studies. Creative Animodel helps you choose the optimal conditions to detect different compounds under investigation.

Advantages of Creative Animodel
• Excellent technique platforms
• Carefully prescreened hepatocytes
• Optimal conditions for different compounds
• High-quality data for hepatocyte studies
• Outstanding team of scientists

Creative Animodel is a professional biotech company providing a wide range of assays and analyses about drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. We have established a series of technique platforms to meet your specific needs. Based on our experienced experts and high-quality services, Creative Animodel won the trust of researchers in the field of biopharmaceuticals. If you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

1. Swift, B.; et al. Sandwich-cultured hepatocytes: an in vitro model to evaluate hepatobiliary transporter-based drug interactions and hepatotoxicity. Drug metabolism reviews. 2010, 42(3): 446-471.

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