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Skin Permeability Assay

Creative Animodel provides various permeability assays to help predict drug absorption and distribution in different tissues. Our transdermal assays are performed using a range of models to meet your needs.

For the several advantages of transdermal dosage forms, this administration route has been attracting increasing attention. Compared with conventional formulations, transdermal delivery systems generally show better control of blood levels, lower incidence of systemic toxicity, no hepatic first-pass metabolism, and higher patient compliance. For transdermal candidates, release of drug is controlled by the chemical properties of drug and delivery form, as well as the physiological and physicochemical properties of the biological membrane. Therefore, Creative Animodel provides a range of skin models with different membrane properties to measure the permeability of your compounds. The characteristics and applications of these models are as follows.

Ex Vivo Animal Skin Models
We recommend using porcine ear skin because it is histologically similar to human skin with similar stratum corneum thickness and hair-follicle density. Additionally, a wide range of animal skin models are provided by Creative Animodel to evaluate percutaneous permeation of substances. Species include but are not limited to pig, mouse, rat, guinea pig, and snake.
Ex Vivo Human Skin Models
Ex vivo human skin models are usually used in bioequivalence studies. Our ex vivo human skins are most commonly obtained from plastic surgery or cadavers, and in both cases, appropriate ethical approval is obtained to use the tissue. Due to the considerable differences in skin absorption, our company provides skins from different body sites.
Artificial or Reconstructed Skin Models
Artificial and reconstructed skin models are convenient, and reproducible alternatives to in vivo and ex vivo tests with human and animal skin. The artificial skin models include simple homogeneous polymer materials, PAMPA and phospholipid vesicle-based permeation-assay membranes. Reconstructed skin models are culture-based, with layers of human cells in culture laid down over a polymeric matrix. They are generally designed to simulate the epidermis or the full human skin.
3D Human Skin Tissue Model
Creative Animodel provides an in vitro system of 3D human skin tissue model. The system reproduces many of the barrier function properties of normal human skin. The 3D skin model consists of normal, human-derived epidermal keratinocytes which have been cultured to form a multilayered, highly differentiated model of the human epidermis. It has been shown to be an appropriate alternative to human or pig skin for the assessment of the permeation of substances.

Creative Animodel is specialized in preclinical drug screening and evaluation. We have advanced assay platforms and skilled specialists to guarantee to ensure high-quality data. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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