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Vaginal Permeability Assay

Creative Animodel is a leading biotech company specializing in DMPK services. With a team of professional staffs, we offer high-quality vaginal permeability assay for our clients. We guarantee the most efficient and reliable services to facilitate developments of pharmaceutical products.

What Is Vaginal Permeability Assay?

The permeability of drugs plays an important role in absorption, transport of drugs into tissues and across cell membranes. And permeability of drugs across a membrane is dependent on the passive permeability as well as the susceptibility of the drug to efflux or uptake by drug transporter proteins. Permeability experiments across vaginal mucosa cell layers or vaginal tissue are conducted in diffusion chambers to measure the transport of new chemical entities (NCE) and standard controls. The cell layers or vaginal tissue are inserted between two chambers and the cumulative amount of NCE in the receiver chamber versus time is measured.


Figure 1. Drawing of structure of vaginal mucosa (Gao Y, Katz D F., 2013)

Why Choose Vaginal Permeability Assay?

Vaginal drug delivery is gaining increased attention as an alternative route of drug administration for both local and systemic drug action. And vaginal drug delivery offers significant advantages over other routes including a sizeable surface area, rich vascularity, relatively high permeability to many drugs, capacity to hold an adult human female dose, and bypassing first-pass metabolism. To control drug retention at the vaginal site as well as predict drug absorption, it is highly relevant to determine the permeability of drugs and drug candidates through vaginal epithelium. In vitro models that closely mimic conditions in the human vaginal mucosa yield absorption data that can help selecting compounds to take forward into clinical development.

Our Advantages

• We perform cell-based and tissue-based studies for vaginal permeability assay. Different models meet
   different requirements of clients.

• Our 3D model which is histologically similar to the in vivo vaginal mucosa allows local or systemic
   application of raw materials or finished products to evaluate their effects on activities and barrier function

Creative Animodel has professional experts in the field of drug development to offer high-quality results about vaginal permeability assay. Creative Animodel provides the most reliable services to best meet their needs and facilitate drug development. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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2. Gao Y, Katz D F. Multicompartmental pharmacokinetic model of tenofovir delivery by a vaginal gel. PLoS One, 2013, 8(9): e74404.

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