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Human Tumor Xenograft Model

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Human Tumor Xenograft Model

Creative Animodel is committed to developing the most  efficient in vivo service chain ranging from entirely  mouse modeling and delivery to the distinct research sections. Taking advantage  of our intimate departmental cooperation and high-speed resource integration,  Creative Animodel is ready at all times to accelerate your scientific  discovery.

Xenograft Model Selection
We specialize in the production of over 400 clinical relevant xenograft models including a wide range of advanced Cell-line-Derived Xenograft Models and Patient-Derived Xenograft Models. Xenograft model selection service in Creative Animodel, which is supported by our international PhD-led team work, will assist customers in the selection of the most suitable xenograft models.
Xenograft Model Construction
With the enthusiasm for developing the most advanced cancer models, experts in Creative Animodel have grasped flawless surgical techniques as well as a whole set of criteria for animal modeling, which are combined with sophisticated technologies to support you on the design of tailored-xenograft models.
PDX Characterization
The heterogeneity of cancer leads to the failure of one-fit-all therapeutic pattern. The identification of predictive genetic signatures in the patient population can greatly facilitate stratification in the clinic, and increase the probability of success for new agents. We provide comprehensive services to facilitate the development and research characterization of PDX models including high-throughput gene analysis.
Tumor Biomarker Selection & Validation
Creative Animodel’s experience with biomarkers spans the clinical and product development continuum from discovery to companion diagnostics, which makes it possible to provide our clients with a flexible and innovative approach to the selection and validation for diagnostic, prognostic, staging as well as surrogate end-point biomarkers. Our start-to-finish biomarker services typically include discovery, screening, molecular pathway analysis and extensive preclinical validation.
In Vivo Efficacy Testing
In vivo assays are key procedures in the preclinical tests of therapeutic compounds. Creative Animodel offers customizable study designs, which directly access to a comprehensive collection of cancer cell line xenograft models, PDX models as well as humanized-xenograft models with both PDX and human immune systems to test the effectiveness of both novel chemotherapeutic or immunotherapeutic compounds.

Creative Animodel consistently keeps an eye on the up-to-date modeling techniques around the world, so as to satisfy the customers’ urgency by timely renewing and replenishing our existing services. Please feel free to contact us for your individual research project.

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