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Non-Human Primate Capability

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Non-Human Primate Capability

Creative Animodel has served as a contract research organization specializing in preclinical animal studies for decades. Our professional personnel are expert in animal caring, disease model creation and data analyzing, as well as in vitro, in vivo and postmortem analyses with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. We have one of the largest colonies of Non-human primates (NHPs) in all continents, and cooperates with top surgery and imaging teams. Creative Animodel supports laboratory NHP preclinical studies by providing SPF primates, NHP biological products, primate experiment project design and NHP disease models development, as well as various bio-markers detection and data interpretation.

Why NHP for Researches?

Primates are ideal models for studying human biological process because they are the only species with highest genetic and physiological similarities to human (e.g. chimpanzee share 98% DNA with human). Besides, they share similar susceptibilities with human to a number of infectious diseases and chronic disease profiles. All statements above make primates widely used in understanding human disease pathogenic mechanism and valuable medicine or treatment development.

NHP Capabilities
NHP Resources
We offer numerous NHP species including Cynos, Rhesus, African Greens, Pigtails, Squirrel, Marmosets, Baboons, etc.
NHP Disease Models
Our professional group is capable to provide different NHP disease models for distinct research purposes.
NHP Biological Products
Due to highly biological similarity to human, primates are the most appropriate species for therapeutic biologicals safety/toxicity assessment.

Creative Animodel R&D team is very experienced in pharmaceuticals tests in NHP models. Our clients, depending on research needs, can be divided into institutes, start-up companies, government agencies and large industries. Leading clients to success is always our priority.

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