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Cell Line-Derived Xenograft Models

Creative Animodel is a leading contract research organization providing cell line-derived xenograft models to conduct pre-clnical drug screening, treatment evaluation and fundamental studies. Our experienced scientists and professional technical platforms enable us to deliver reliable results in a cost-efficient manner.

What Are Cell Line-Derived Xenograft Models?

Cell line-derived xenograft (CDX) model is a traditional and common tumor model type for disease studies and anti-tumor drugs development. Cell line-derived xenograft models are created by inoculating tumor cell lines into immune deficient mice or rats. And these cell lines can be engrafted subcutaneously, intravenously or orthotopically.


Figure 1. Xenografts derived from cell lines (Perez M et al., 2016)

For decades, Cell line-derived xenografts have been the most commonly used models to study cancers in mice. Because of user-friendly techniques and good repeatability, CDX models are still applied at the early stage of in vivo study. Moreover, CDX models provide important information to allow an agent to move forward and clients to advance their preclinical research in a cost-effective manner.

Cell Line-Derived Xenograft Models at Creative Animodel

Creative Animodel has established a comprehensive range of validated CDX models to satisfy clients in vivo research needs. What’s more, we also provide customized services aiming at personal requirements. Our all-around services involve CDX models construction, in vivo pharmacology projects execution as well as the final results presentation.

Our Advantages
Plentiful models.
Numerous validated and well-characterized CDX models including subcutaneous, orthotopic, and systemic models are available. And our CDX models cover diverse cancer types, including hematological and solid tumors. If you want to know our specific CDX models, you can browse the List of CDX models.
Abundant information.
We provide abundant information about our CDX models, such as specific information of cell lines, cancer types and subtypes, as well as growth curves and body weight changes.
Various services.
Based on professional platforms, we can provide reliable services, including preclinical drug screening, in vivo pharmacological and pharmacodynamical detection as well as studies about oncology and immunotherapy.

Creative Animodel provides a wide variety of cell line-derived xenograft models. Our high-quality services and reliable results make it possible to meet various demands of oncology studies and anti-tumor drugs development. If you have any questions or specific needs, please feel free to contact us.

Additional information: List of CDX models.

Perez M, Navas L, Carnero A. Patient-derived xenografts as models for personalized medicine research in cancer. Cancer Translational Medicine, 2016, 2(6): 197.

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