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Chronic Kidney Disease Models

Creative Animodel is a leading service provider specialized in offering various pre-clinical services. We have a range of chronic kidney disease animal models to mimic the human condition, analyze pathogenesis, and develop drug treatment strategies in the field of in vivo pharmacology.

What Is Chronic Kidney Disease?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a significant medical problem with increasing prevalence in the population. The main cause of CKD includes genetic, infectious, autoimmune, medications, environmental and dietary factors. Besides, CKD disease itself has common features, such as renal interstitial fibrosis, tubular epithelial cell loss through apoptosis, glomerular damage, and renal inflammation. CKD leads to end-stage renal disease and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. The primary process of CKD can involve glomerular, tubular, interstitial and/or vascular compartments.


CKD affects 13% of the US population and its incidence is increasing with the rise in hypertension and diabetes. An evidence indicates that early control of hypertension and diabetes and the use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) can reduce progression of this disease. CKD has become the focus of local and national health policy efforts to promote screening and early initiation of therapy.

Chronic Kidney Disease Models at Creative Animodel

We develop several models to analyze CKD pathogenesis and aid in the discovery of clinical mechanisms and potential therapeutic drugs.

• Lunpus nephritis models
Lupus nephritis is characterized by immune complex-mediated glomerulonephritis with consequent and various time and injury-dependent inflammatory and sclerosing reactions, accompanied by interstitial inflammation and late-stage fibrosis. We have four mouse models of lupusnephritisare including mice of NZB, NZB/W, MRL/lpr and BXSB strains.

• Vascular injury models
Abnormalities in the vascular smooth muscle, which lead to augmented vasoconstrictor ability, contribute to hypertension. We offer spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) models for studying human essential hypertension. SHR develops hypertension around 5-6 weeks of age, with systolic blood pressure reaching 180-200 mm Hg in the adult age phase.

• Genetically engineered models
We have primary podocyte-specific genetic FSGS models, which allow elucidation of injuries relevant to human podocyte injury in general and specifically to so-called podocytopathies. Briefly, such models allow genetically engineered podocytes to be selectively depleted by giving animals a specific toxin.

• Anti-GBM models
We develop models of anti-GBM nephritis in rodents. Both the characteristics of the anti-GBM antibodies and factors related to the inflammatory response to antibody deposition are important in determining susceptibility to this model of experimental autoimmune glomerulonephritis.

Our measured parameters include, but are not limited to:
• Animal body weight and condition
• Blood pressure and complete blood count (CBC)
• Biochemical profile and urinalysis (UA)

Our Advantages
• Valid CKD models to inform you the clinical effects of drugs
• Efficient animal research tools to help you save time for the whole project
• Professional services providing reliable parameters to meet all your needs

Creative Animodel spends decades of efforts in the field of chronic kidney disease, providing excellent services for clients from all over the world. With years of expertise, we place a high value on effectiveness and innovation to facilitate your disease project with the highest levels of quality. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Creative Animodel will be the best partner for your project.

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