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Customized Models

Creative Animodel provides customized models in the field of pharmacology to accelerate drug development. With professional experts and cutting-edge technical platforms, we can offer various assays with customizid models. Our team has years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, which enables us to support integrated programs from projects design to data analysis.

Customized Models at Creative Animodel

Customizing or developing novel models can be helpful to predict the in vivo biological behavior of new chemical entities and testing the efficacy of compounds according to specific needs. For some rare diseases, establishing customized models is a great way for new drugs development and disease studies. Creative Animodel provides diverse pre-clinical models for different diseases, such as oncology, cardiovasology, metabolic disease, genitourinary disease, infectious disease, respiratory disease, neurology, hematology, dermatology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, otology, inflammation,  pain and digestive diseases. Moreover, we can conduct assays with animal models which are not mentioned depending on clients’ demands.

Our experienced scientific team can help clients design interpretable experiments, establish appropriate animal models, conduct high-quality pharmacology studies, and generate detailed study reports, for example:


• Needs analysis and experiments design. We conduct a feasibility study, which allows us to propose the most suitable solution in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. Upon clients’ approval, a detailed process is established jointly.
• Models establishment and pharmacology study. A great model can provide important information for testing efficacy of a drug and disease study. Based on the optimal customized models, we conduct pharmacology assays.
• Statistics and data analysis. According to the results of pharmacology study, we collect and analyse complex data.
• Reports. Based on previous experiments and analysis, we provide various reports.

Our Advantages

• Various approaches to establish customized models, such as knock-in, knock-out and chemical induction.
• Professional platforms to conduct pharmacology assays.
• Create an evolving assay panel according to the evolution of a drug discovery program
• Free up in-house capacity to pursue additional leads for drug development.

Creative Animodel works closely with clients to establish customized models for drug development. Clients can save valuable time and money and take advantage of our scientists' many years of preclinical research and project management experience. If you have any questions or specific requires, please feel free to contact us.

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