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Diabetic Kidney Disease Models

Creative Animodel is a professional provider that focuses on developing in vivo pharmacology. With years of experience, our professional scientists offer a wide range of services related to diabetic kidney disease. Creative Animodel conducts high-quality animal models to meet your demands and assist your further drug studies.

What Is Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Diabetic kidney disease, also called diabetic nephropathy (DN), is a serious microvascular complication that affects a significant proportion of patients suffering from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, accounting for over 40% of end-stage renal disease cases in North America and placing a major burden on healthcare resources. Abnormalities of the glomerular structure are among the most striking and consistent changes identified in biopsy material from patients with DN. A well-defined sequence of glomerular injury has been identified, based on experimental studies and observations in human patients. In the earliest stages of injury, which correlate at least in part with the hemodynamic changes of hyperfiltration, glomerular and renal hypertrophy occurs. Besides, the functional abnormality of diabetic kidney disease includes the elevated amount of protein in the urine, as shown in figure 1.


Figure 1. The features of diabetic kidney disease. (Hass, V.M. 2014)

Diabetic Kidney Disease Models at Creative Animodel
We have developed numerous models related to diabetic kidney disease.

• The db/db mouse model
The db/db mouse model of leptin deficiency is currently the most widely used mouse for modeling DN in settings of type 2 diabetes. Leptin deficiency confers susceptibility to obesity, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Our db/db mice have a mutation deletion of the leptin receptor and an underlying genetic background that is susceptible to diabetic complications such as nephropathy. DN in these mice is manifest by albuminuria, podocyte loss, and mesangial matrix expansion.

• The OVE26 mouse model
The OVE26 mouse is characterized by transgenic overexpression of calmodulin in pancreatic β cells leading to the deficient production of insulin and type 1 diabetes.

• The BTBR ob/ob mouse model
We have a mouse model of insulin resistance that develops in the BTBR (black and tan brachyury) mouse strain in which the ob/ob mutation has been introduced. One particular advantage of BTBR ob/ob mouse as a model of DN is the relatively rapid time course for development of advanced disease, which reduces the time needed to conduct interventional studies that may ameliorate advanced DN after it is already established.

• The Akita mouse model
The Akita mouse has potential to model some features of diabetic nephropathy, such as mesangiolysis or nodular mesangial sclerosis.

Our measured parameters include, but are not limited to:
• Plasma glucose
• Bodyweight
• Right kidney/tibia (normalizing kidney weights to tibia length)
• Heart/tibia (normalizing heart weights to tibia length)

Creative Animodel provides clients reliable parameters and considerable services for therapeutic screening and diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease. Our in-house experts are glad to assist you with their strong knowledge and analytical skills. If you have any other questions or specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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