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Ex Vivo Models

Creative Animodel is an experienced provider in the field of pharmacology and has established diverse ex vivo models to help clients to improve their researches. With experienced scientists and advanced techniques, we provide high-quality services and reliable results in a cost-efficient manner.


Ex vivo procedure often involves living cells or tissues taken from an organism and cultured in a laboratory apparatus under sterile conditions. Ex vivo models can be used in many aspects, such as screening treatment agents that are effective against cancer, realistic models for surgical procedure development.

The Highlights of Ex Vivo Models

It is reported that only 5% of novel anticancer compounds acquire approval after Phase III trials, and 50% of the failure are due to a lack of efficacy rather than toxicity issues. One of the main purposes of ex vivo analysis is to confirm the in vivo effect of a test compound. Our ex vivo models enable experiments of drug screening in a controlled, dynamic and sterile environment to main their native structure. Another advantage of using ex vivo models is that it can perform tests which otherwise would not be possible or ethical in living subjects.

Ex Vivo Models at Creative Animodel

• Based on our ex vivo models, different assays can be conducted to study efficiency of testing compounds.
   For example, our ex vivo models can be used to evaluate the efficacy of anticancer agents through 3D
   tumor growth assay (3D TGA) and tumor microarrays.
• Efficient and clinically relevant preclinical ex vivo models are provided for studying different
   disease like cancer, dermatosis, etc.
• Our customized models based on a range of intact fresh tissue culture systems are available to meet
   different requirements of drug development and disease study.

Creative Animodel provides the most reliable and efficient services to best meet clients’ needs. Our scientists have rich experience and capabilities in pharmacology to develop abundant disease models to help our clients solve their research problems such as evaluating the efficacy of therapeutics. If you have any questions or other requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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