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Genetically Engineered Mice

As a biotech contract research organization, Creative Animodel has rich experience in providing pharmacology services with our genetically engineered mice. Being a professional and trustworthy research partner of our global clients, we are glad to leverage our advanced resources and extensive expertise to help clients facilitate drug development projects and meet study needs.

What Are Genetically Engineered Mice?

Genomes of genetically engineered mice are altered through genetic engineering techniques. Genetically engineered mice include transgenes mice, targeted mutations (knockout or knockin) and chemically induced mutations. There are several approaches to create genetically engineered mice. The frequently used methods are embryonic stem cells, pronuclear injection and the new genome-editing tools such as CRISPR. Over-expression or the introduction of recombinant genes (transgenics), elimination of gene expression (knock-out) and replacement of genes (knock-in) are all well-established techniques.

Why Choose Genetically Engineered Mice?

Genetically engineered mice are utilized to mimic human disease, study relationships between gene mutations and disease phenotypes, as well as study basic biological processes. In human disease studies, the knockout mouse which is the most common type can be used to study human conditions where a single gene is missing or altered in the genome such as sickle-cell anemia. Tumor-promoting genes can be inserted into the genome of mice, which causes tumor throughout the body. In addition, genetically engineered mice can also be applied to study drug-induced immunotoxicity. Genetically engineered mice are constructed to more precisely model human phenotypes and pathologies, giving researchers a better way to explore disease mechanisms and drug discovery.

Our Advantages

Creative Animodel provides in-house molecular and physiologic analysis services about drug-development and disease studies with genetically engineered mice. We can offer our clients comprehensive and flexible services depending on following reasons:

We use diverse techniques to create abundant and custom genetically engineered mice, including embryonic stem (ES) cell based gene overexpression, pronuclear microinjection, knockin, knockout, knockdown, as well as CRISPR/Cas9 system for mutagenesis and genome editing.

Our team consists of scientists, project managers and animal care staffs, so that we can offer guidance, develop work plans and help solve problems of drug discovery and disease study with models.Various parameters are included in our data reports depending on your needs.

With experienced scientists and advanced techniques, Creative Animodel provides the most reliable and efficient services to best meet your needs. Our experienced staffs are always ready to serve you, whether you require a full-service package or individual component services. If you want to know specific services with genetically engineered mice, please feel free to contact us.

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