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Immunodeficient Rodents

Creative Animodel is a leading contract research organization in the field of drug discovery and development. With immunodeficient rodents which are valuable tools to study diseases, our experienced scientists can conduct assays to best meet your requirements.

What Are Immunodeficient Rodents?

Immunodeficient animals are those animals that develop one or more immune defects by congenital genetic mutations or artificial approaches. Rodents with compromised immune systems are useful tools that can provide important information about genes essential for immune function, and when combined with the transplantation of human cells or tissues, they also have enormous potential to study human disease. There is a relatively high number of strains and sub-strains of natural immunodeficiency models and gene-deficient transgenic models. The strains have specific deficiencies in B cell, T cell, or both; major histocompatibility complex(MHC) class I, II or both; as well as immunodeficiency due to knockdown of genes for cytokines, cytokine receptors, TLR receptors and a variety of transducers and transcription factors of signaling pathways. In recent years, there has been growing interest in the use of immunodeficient rodents for a wide variety of applications, such as immunology, infectious diseases, cancer, etc.


Figure 1. Development of immunodeficient mice for xenograft studies. (Goyama S., 2015)

Immunodeficient Rodents at Creative Animodel

Using immunodeficient rodents, we can provide services in different therapeutic areas, including cancer and infectious diseases. There are several strains available at Creative Animodel including spontaneous, transgenic and humanized immunodeficiency mice.

Table 1. Immunodeficient Strains at Creative Animodel

Nude (nu) StrainsThe single-gene mutation is at Foxn1 gene or  HNF-3/forkhead homolog 11 gene which leads to a lack of body hair.
The immune system is characterized by a decreased  population of T cells.
They have highly activated natural killer cells.
Scid StrainsThe mutation is at Prkdc/scid (protein kinase, DNA  activated, catalytic polypeptide) protein which is necessary for joining  non-homologous ends of doubled-strained DNA.
Scid strains including CB-17, C57BL/6J and Balb/c  mice don’t respond to B or T cell mitogens, and produce immunoglobulin  leakiness that is sensitive to irradiation
NOD (Non-obese diabetic) StrainsThey are lack of expression for the major  histocompatibility complex (MHC) haplotype and SNP in CTLA-4 gene.
NOD strains can develop spontaneous autoimmune  diabetes.
Rag (recombination activating genes) StrainsLoss of rag1, rag2 or Prkdc gene in these models  leads to the lack of both T and B cells.
These mice have high levels of NK cell activity but  do not perform immunoglobulin leakiness.
NOD/Scid StrainsThey show many innate immune defects, including NK  cell dysfunction, low cytokine production, as well as T and B cell dysregulation.
Only 10% of mice present immunoglobulin leakiness.
IL2rg-/- StrainsDeletion of the IL-2 receptor γ-chain impairs  multiple cytokine signaling.
These mice completely block the development of T and  B cells.
NOD-scid IL2rg-/- StrainsDeletion of multiple genes causes severe impairment  in T- and B-cell development and absence of NK cells.

Creative Animodel has years of experience in offering immunodeficient rodents. Our professional staffs will work closely with you and choose the most appropriate immunodeficient rodents for your research. If you have any questions or specific needs, please feel free to contact us.

1. Goyama S., et al.; Xenograft models for normal and malignant stem cells. Blood, 2015, 125(17): 2630-2640.
2. Belizário J E. Immunodeficient mouse models: an overview. The Open Immunology Journal, 2009, 2(1).

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