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In Vitro Cardiovascular Studies

Creative Animodel is a global organization focusing on the field of in vitro cardiovascular disease (CVD) studies. With experienced researchers and unparalleled equipment, we provide clients excellent services to drive the pathogenesis and drug discoveries of CVD.

Why Use In Vitro Cardiovascular Studies?

The use of in vitro CVD studies offers valuable mechanistic insights into CVD development and progression and provides efficient platforms for drug screening. There are a wealth of choices when considering the implementation of in vitro CVD as part of a pre-clinical assessment framework, and such studies can support an assessment framework for putative drug candidates. The in vitro system as it relates to and responds compared to in vivo tissues must be fully considered. For example, an in vitro protocol may successfully identify whether a test agent is an irritant or a cellular toxicant. With our in vitro CVD studies, total body or systemic influences, such as the extracellular milieu, are removed. Furthermore, if an in vivo CVD model is required to validate findings from an in vitro CVD study, data from the in vitro CVD study may help to refine the experimental design and as such assist in the reduction in animal usage.

In Vitro Cardiovascular Studies at Creative Animodel

We provide a various number of in vitro CVD studies described in table 1.

Table 1. In vitro CVD studies provided by Creative Animodel

In  vitro CVD  studiesReadoutsAdvantages
• Endothelial markers• Gene and/or protein expression• Easy to measure levels of multiple genes and proteins involved in CVD pathogenesis
• Potential for novel biomarker identification
• Endothelial angiogenesis• 2-D angiogenic tube formation• Simple and quick assay    
• Possible automation for kinetic analyses
• Vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and  chemotaxis• Cell counts, thymidine incorporation, cell movement by  microscopy• Model a process directly involved in lesion development  and progression
• Cells  cultured in flow conditions• Many possible including gene and protein expression,  and monocyte recruitment• Monitor multiple endpoints in a single assay    
• Generate physiologically-relevant flow patterns which  mimic in vivo flow

Creative Animodel has spent decades of efforts to develop in vitro CVD studies. We have served a large number of customers all around the world with high-quality services which gain consistent great evaluation. If you have any additional requirements or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

1. Fearon, I.M.; et al. In vitro models for assessing the potential cardiovascular disease risk associated with cigarette somking. Toxicology in Vitro. 2012, 27(2013): 513-522.

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