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In Vitro Pharmacology

Creative Animodel is specialized in providing an integrated portfolio of qualified in vitro pharmacological assays to identify targets for drugs and screen drug candidates at an early stage. With standard and custom assays, we focus on offering our global clients cost-effective, high-quality and reproducible data and flexible solutions with a fast turnaround time.

In Vitro Pharmacological Assays at Creative Animodel

Cell Viability and Proliferation
Cell viability and cell proliferation are two parameters commonly used to evaluate the health of cells. Cells subjected to a variety of disease states may show different rates of viability and proliferation than normal cells. We provide both MTT and Sulforhodamine B (SRB) assays for testing cell viability and proliferation, which are of great help in drug screenings (especially anti-tumor drug), as well as functional studies of genes.
Protein kinases are key regulators of cell function. By adding phosphate groups, they guide the activity, localization and function of proteins. Abnormal phosphorylation is a cause or consequence of disease, thereby triggering a growing interest in developing active protein-kinase inhibitors. Protein kinases have now become one of the most important group of drug targets. We provide more than one hundred assays covering Ser/Tyr, Tyr, and lipid kinases utilizing luminescent, radiometric, and fluorescence-based readouts.
GPCRs (G-protein coupled receptors) have now been the largest category of drug targets due to their central role in physiology and disease. Almost one quarter of the top selling drugs in US are GPCR-related. We provide multiple platforms to advance your GPCR drug discovery.
Transporters are membrane proteins that control the import and export of essential nutrients, ions, and neurotransmitters, waste and toxins, as well as other xenobiotics, like drugs. They can have a significant impact on the pharmacodynamics and pharmakinetics of drugs. We provide comprehensive drug transporter assays to identify how your compound’s interaction with transporters may affects its clinical activity.
Enzymes take participate in multiple physiological activities, including signal transduction, protein modification, and cell surface recognition. In addition to the popular kinase assay panels, we provide a comprehensive list of identification services of potential enzyme substrates, activators, and inhibitors.
Ion Channels
Ion channels have been common drug targets for various diseases, including pain and cardiac arrhythmia. And it is estimated that approximately 15% of the approved drugs are ion channels-targeted. We provide the broadest screening assays of ion channel on multiple high-quality electrophysiology platforms.
Nuclear Receptors
Nuclear receptors are ligand-activated transcription factors that regulate the activation of a wide range of important target genes. They serve as on-off switches for genes that regulate cell proliferation, differentiation, and metabolism. We offer a comprehensive list of binding and functional assays to characterize the gene-regulating features of your drug or compounds.
In Vitro Disease Models
In vitro disease models provide insight into mechanisms of human disease or drug discovery in early stages. Therefore instructive data from studies utilizing in vitro disease models are cost-effective and time-efficient. We apply novel and optimal in vitro models of cardiovascular disease and hypoxia to best meet the standards of a successful in vivo testing.

Creative Animodel has spent decades of efforts in providing specialty pharmacology services in human diseases. With our experienced scientists and automation platforms, we have strong expertise in offering both standard and custom in vitro pharmacological assessments to assist your project in the best chance of success in in vivo testing.

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