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Ménière’s Disease Models

Creative Animodel is a leading research services provider specialized in comprehensive pharmacological research services for the new drug development. We provide a package of Ménière’s disease research services on the base of our multiple types of animal models. Relying on our professional research team, we can provide you an overall analysis for your candidates. Our CRO services are supportive of your research, including improving the efficiency, saving time and expense, also decreasing the incidence of mistake.

What Is Ménière’s Disease?

Ménière’s disease was first reported in 1861, the French physician Prosper Ménière described the disease which now bears his name. Ménière’s disease (MD) is a disorder of the inner ear that causes episodes of vertigo, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), sometimes a feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear. In most cases, Ménière’s disease affects only one ear. In the meantime, patients will have fluctuating hearing loss with a progressive, ultimately permanent loss of hearing. The area of the ear affected covers the entire labyrinth including both the semicircular canals and the cochlea as shown in figure 1.


Figure 1. Diagram of the inner ear. The utricle and saccule in the inner ear contain fluid and fine, hair-like sensors that help us keep our eyes focused on a target when our head is in motion and assist in helping maintain balance.

Ménière’s Disease Models Provided by Creative Animodel

There are various methods cased animal models for Ménière’s disease.

• Surgical (surgical obliteration of endolymphatic duct and sac) induction of endolymphatic hydrops in the guinea pig has become the standard model for the study of Ménière’s disease (does not result in anything resembling symptom of vertigo).
• Injection of distilled water, horse serum, tuberculin, or sodium chloride into the middle ear cavity, or injection of pilocarpine or acetylcholine around the eighth nerve trunk in the internal auditory canal to induce endolymphatic hydrops cased Ménière’s disease.
• Subcutaneous injection of arsenic or Atoxyl, or Intraperitoneal injection of ethacrynic acid to change the stria vascularis and induce Ménière’s disease.

A package of evaluation and validation measures we provided but not limited:
• Quantitative assessment of volumetric changes of the scala media
• Quantitative assessment of luminal size change of the endolymphatic sac (ES)
• Induction of vestibular dysfunction

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