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Neurology is an important field of clinical, which evolved from psychiatry as an independent specialty. The studies of neurology have made astonishing progress. New imaging techniques permit visualization of not only the gross anatomy but also aspects of the biochemical and pharmacologic features of the living, working brain. Remarkable advances have clarified the pathogenesis of illnesses such as anxiety and epilepsy, leading to specific and effective therapies for them. Cellular transplants have been placed in the brain to ameliorate at least partially the ravages of parkinsonism, and potential therapies for previously “untreatable” degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Animal Models of Neurological Diseases

Our neurological disease animal models mainly apply to two directions: one is used as a testing ground during early and intermediate phases of the development of new therapies (frequently drugs), and the other is used in the process of developing and testing hypotheses about the neurological diseases. For the purpose of testing whether a particular therapy is efficient in preventing, relieving, or eliminating the symptoms of a disease, we would choose an animal model that mimics as closely as possible all aspects of the disease. Although some of the partial models are far from being a reasonable substitute for the actual disease, valuable preclinical evaluation of drugs and other therapies may be achieved through the use of such models.

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