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Osteoarthritis Models

Creative Animodel is an ideal partner in pharmacology research during the drug discovery and development process. With years of dedication, our scientific team has strong expertise in developing a wide range of osteoarthritis models to support drug development intended for clinical applications.

Overview of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA), affecting millions of people worldwide, is a complex disease process involving the whole synovial joint. OA develops progressively over decades and ends with joint failure: cartilage loss, synovial inflammation, subchondral bone sclerosis and cyst formation, osteophytosis, loss of range of motion, and pain. Based on the disease etiology, OA has typically been categorized into primary and secondary OA. Primary OA is an idiopathic phenomenon resulted from degenerative changes in the joint. Secondary OA is normally involved with causes and risk factors leading to OA, including trauma, injury, inactivity, genetics, and inflammation in the joint.


Pain, function, and disease progression are three critical targets in the treatment of OA. Currently available treatments address only symptoms and more effective treatments are still needed to relieve pain and increase function. Such therapies only work to relieve symptoms and extend the time until joint replacement surgery. Therefore, either new symptomatic or disease-modifying OA therapies will have a wide market potential.

Osteoarthritis Models at Creative Animodel

We provide diverse models to settle for your specific study on different types of osteoarthritis and its associated joint pain. Small animal models can be used to study the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of osteoarthritis process in terms of its higher cost performance and easier operation compared to large animal models. Large animal models are mainly used for the further testing after the success of therapies in small animal models. In addition, non-human primates, such as rhesus macaque and baboons, are available for OA research due to the comparable OA development to humans.

• Spontaneous models: naturally occurring models
We provide a comprehensive portfolio of spontaneous osteoarthritis models including, but not limited to, Dunkin Hartley guinea pig, STR/ort mice, horses and sheep articular cartilage.

• Spontaneous models: genetically modified models
Genetically modified species, especially transgenic mice, have been widely used to study primary OA. We offer multiple mice with genetic modification, such as collagen type IX alpha 1 gene inactivation, a particular protease knock-out.

• Post-traumatic OA: induced models
Post-traumatic osteoarthritis models are established with surgically or chemically induced methods. The surgical techniques include anterior cruciate ligament transection (ACLE), medial meniscal tear, meniscectomy, and ovariectomy. Chemically induced models involve the injection of substances, such as papain, sodium monoiodoacetate, quinolone, and collagenase, into the knee joint.

• Post-traumatic OA: non-invasive models
Non-invasive models require the application of aseptic techniques to eliminate infection that disturb the results of the experiment. Our main non-invasive OA models consist of LATPF (intra-articular tibial plateau fracture), CACTC (Cyclic articular cartilage tibial compression), tibial compression overload, and transarticular impact models.

Measures of Disease Outcomes

Multiple evaluations are applied, including histopathology, imaging, biomarker measurement, biomechanical assessment, and pain measurement.

Creative Animodel offers end-to-end validated animal models of osteoarthritis and related preclinical services. Our vast experience in bone pathophysiology allows us to establish a wide range of models suited for your individual needs that contribute to therapies development intended for clinical applications.

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