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Radiation Syndrome Models

Creative Animodel has years of experience in providing services of in vivo pharmacology. Our cutting-edge technology platforms and skilled experts can guarantee the reliability of outcomes. Radiation syndrome models are available to help you develop effective radiation countermeasures.

Classification of Radiation Syndrome

• Acute radiation syndrome (ARS)
ARS, also known as radiation sickness or radiation toxicity, is an acute illness caused by exposure to high amounts of ionizing radiation within a very short period of time. The symptoms depend on the doses of radiation. Relatively lower doses result in hematopoietic and gastrointestinal effects, including nausea, vomiting, falling blood counts, and predisposition to bleeding and infection. Relatively higher doses result in neurological effects, such as tremors, seizures, lethargy, and rapid death.


Figure 1. In the process of the dose increased, ARS shows different symptoms.

The main cause of these symptoms is that the radiation affects the ability of cell division. Current treatments for ARS are antibiotics, blood transfusions, and aggressive treatments including bone marrow transfusions. Therefore, the development of more safe, economical, and effective therapies is urgently needed.

• Chronic radiation syndrome (CRS)
CRS is a collection of health effects caused by months or years of exposure to ionizing radiation. The radiation dose is a deterministic effect of the disease severity. Unlike ARS, CRS occurs at dose rates low enough to permit natural repair mechanisms to compete with the radiation damage during the exposure period. The lower threshold of radiation syndrome is between 0.7 and 1.5 Gy, and the doses rates is above 0.1 Gy/yr. Diagnosing CRS is often a complicated task. The major criterion of the CRS is a clear-cut dependence of the dynamics of the number of leukocytes, neutrophils and thrombocytes in the peripheral blood. Although significant scientific advances have been made over the past decades in developing safe, nontoxic and effective radiation countermeasures for radiation syndrome, no drug has been approved by the FDA.

Radiation Syndrome Models at Creative Animodel

• Non-human primate (NHP) models Radiation syndrome NHP models have been established in Creative Animodel. The ARS NHP models are generated by high-dose exposure for<10 minutes at 0.5-10 Gy/min. And the CRS NHP models are generated by low-dose exposure for 0.5-2 hours at 0.5-10 Gy/h. Several compounds have been validated with our NHP models and over 100 SOPs have been established for radiation syndrome studies.

• Minipig models Our company has established the ARS minipig models for advanced drug testing, to enhance discovery and development of novel radiation countermeasures. Male Gottingen minipigs, 4–5 months old and weighing 9–11 kg are used for mimicking ARS. The standard off-label treatment for ARS has been validated with our minipig models, at the estimated LD70/30 total-body gamma-irradiation (TBI) radiation dose for the hematopoietic syndrome.

Creative Animodel has equipped the most advanced dosimeters (EPD-G, Thermo Scientific). And all the experimental procedures are GLP compliant. We also provide customized models to help you evaluate your drug candidate. If you have any specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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