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Vaginitis Models

Creative Animodel is an ideal partner in in vivo pharmacology research during the drug discovery and development process. With the state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, we have strong expertise in developing vaginitis models suited for understanding of vaginitis pathology and investigating new drugs’ efficacy.

Overview of Vaginitis

Vaginitis is a common female disorder manifested by symptoms that can include vulvovaginal itching, burning, malodor, and abnormal discharge. It is a condition responsible for 10 million office visits annually and health care costs are estimated at $500 million to $1 billion annually. More than 10% of ambulatory visits of women’s health care are made by patients with vaginitis.

The most common infectious causes of vaginitis are bacterial vaginosis (BV), vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) and trichomoniasis. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection, responsible for 40% to 50% of total numbers. Bacterial vaginosis represents a microbial imbalance of the vaginal ecosystem, characterized by depletion of the normally dominant hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli and overgrowth of certain anaerobic or facultative aerobic organisms. Candida vaginitis is the second most common cause of vaginal infections. It is caused by Candida albicans in 70% to 90% of cases. A frothy, malodorous, yellow-green discharge is a common complaint of patients infected with Trichomonas vaginalis (TV). TV is a unicellular, flagellated protozoan and is the third most common cause of infectious vaginitis.

Our Vaginitis Models

The development of easily manageable, reproducible, and economically viable animal models of vaginitis is highly important. With years of experience, we can provide professional vaginitis models to advance the understanding of pathology as well as discover effective therapeutics that prevent the vaginitis processes.

Bacterial vaginosis models: Gardnerella vaginalis is one of the most frequently isolated bacterial species in BV. We present a new murine vaginal infection model with a clinical isolate of G. vaginalis. Our data demonstrate that this model displays key features used to clinically diagnose BV, including the presence of sialidase activity and exfoliated epithelial cells with adherent bacteria (reminiscent of clue cells).
Vulvovaginal candidiasis models: We have established an in vivo model of vaginal infection with C. albicans in rats. All the steps of our model are standardized. Standardized features include the use of non-ovariectomized rats, sterile distilled water as the hormone vehicle, estradiol hexa-hydrobenzoate administered and a yeast suspension in a single vaginal administration. In this way, 100% of the rats are in pseudo-estrus and developed and maintained the infection until the third week of the experiment.
Trichomoniasis models: Mouse models of trichomoniasis are important for pathogenic and therapeutic studies. We have established trichomoniasis models for murine genital infections with T. vaginalis and T. foetus. Persistent vaginal infection with T. foetus is established with 100 parasites but T. vaginalis infection required doses of 106, perhaps because of greater susceptibility to killing by mouse vaginal polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

Creative Animodel has spent decades of efforts to provide professional pharmacology services in human diseases. Our experienced experts are glad to assist you with our strong knowledge and analytical skills. If you have any other questions or specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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