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Visceral Pain Models

Creative Animodel provides preclinical in vivo services for your drug candidates for both efficacy and side-effect profiling based on our visceral pain models. Our staffs are led by senior scientists with rich international drug discovery experience, enabling the generation of rapid, high-quality data that our partners require for their programs. Extensive experience has qualified Creative Animodel to give the tailored attention that must be devoted to design, implementation and analysis of preclinical models.

What Is Visceral pain?

Visceral pain, described as sickening, deep and squeezing, is the pain associated with a wide variety of disorders of internal organs, like gallstones, acute pancreatitis, interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS), and male chronic pelvic pain syndrome. It is not evoked from all viscera nor has links with visceral injury; it is diffuse and poorly to localize. Those clinical features make it unique and different from somatic pain. There are multiple etiologies for pain sensed in the internal organs, including: inflammation (acute and chronic), disruption of normal mechanical processes, neoplasms (benign or malignant), alterations in neurotransmission from the viscera, and ischemia. People with visceral pain may experience pallor, profuse sweating, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, and changes in body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. Besides, anxiety and depression can reinforce visceral pain.

Although most visceral pain disorders are not life-threatening, they have a considerable negative impact on the life quality of patients with increased psychological distress, increased work absenteeism and both sleep and sexual dysfunction. Currently, there are no pharmacological treatments on the market specifically for visceral pain, with a lack of detailed knowledge of the underlying mechanisms.

Visceral Pain Models Provided by Creative Animodel

The use of animal models is crucial in the advancement of our knowledge of what is really going on in visceral pain. Creative Animodel has spent years of efforts to establish several visceral pain models in an attempt to reproduce the features of human visceral pain in animals.

Chemical Induced Model
Pancreatic, bladder, colon, and other visceral afferent fibers are sensitive to algesic chemicals such as turpentine, mustard oil, capsaicin, and bradykinin. By injecting those irritants into the abdominal cavity or a hollow organ of the animal, we have successfully established chemical induced visceral pain model which can cause a writhing syndrome including abdominal contractions, trunk twisting and turning, hind limb extension, motor in-coordination, and reduced motor activity. This model is simple to perform and also sensitive in evaluation analgesic effects, especially of NSAIDs.

Distension Model
Another accurate animal model for visceral pain is the induction of a noxious visceral stimulus by distension of hollow organs. This model mimics natural visceral stimulus that are associated with pain-related behavior. Colorectal distension, where a balloon is used to create a continuous pressure in the rectum and distal part of the colon, is the most widely used method to assess visceral sensation both preclinically and clinically. Besides, other models including distention of stomach, duodenum or the genitourinary system are also available at Creative Animodel.

Creative Animodel provides integrated preclinical evaluation services of pharmacology and toxicology for your drug candidates based on our visceral pain animal models. With the experienced scientists and cutting-edge technology platforms, Creative Animodel guarantees our customers that we can efficiently advance their drug development programs with competitive price and fast turnaround time. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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