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Creative Animodel, as an experienced bioscience CRO, provides a holistic assay of in vitro toxicology to help you investigate whether the new drugs have the potential toxicity. In addition, we also have platforms about DMPK, pharmacology and a wide range of animal models to meet your other needs and our rich experience can efficiently assist you in potential drug candidate screening. We are honored to help you accelerate the process of new drug development through our professional services.

What Is Cell Cytotoxicity?

Cytotoxicity refers to the ability of toxic agents such as an immune cell or some types of venom to destroy living cells. Through cytotoxic compounds application, healthy living cells can be induced to death or apoptosis. Cytotoxicity research can be used in many fields.

• Developing new pharmaceutical products
Toxicity evaluations are vital importance during the research phase of developing new pharmaceutical products, which aim to ensure the safety of the end-users and filter out some harmful candidates in advance to save time and costs. Thus it is necessary to identify whether the compounds have the ability to pose certain damage risks to healthy cell or tissue. Cytotoxicity assays have been proved to be very valuable tools.

• Oncology
For anti-cancer drugs, measuring drug's cytotoxicity to the cancer cell is quite indispensable. By identifying cytotoxicity levels of cancer cells after using the therapeutic treatments, we can certify the effectiveness of the new drug, learn about whether it has side-effect to the healthy cell, prove the cytotoxicity mechanism, as well as find new therapeutic targets.

• Cell Biology
Cytotoxicity research help scientists get an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms related to the process of cell life, such as cell growth, cell proliferation, and death.

Cell Cytotoxicity Services at Creative Animodel

The working principle for majority cytotoxicity is based on the differences between damaged cells and normal cells, such as permselectivity, function, enzyme, morphological changes, etc. By identifying these changes, we can determine the level of cytotoxicity. At Creative Animodel, we divide cytotoxicity assays via different research fields.

Other Cell-based Toxicity Tests

Creative Animodel totally understands the development of novel therapies is a challenging and long-time process, so we prepare a whole package of preclinical research services to our clients. Our one-stop service will save your time and cost to the greatest extent, and we will try our best to meet your special requirements. Creative Animodel will be your best and most reliable partner, we are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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