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Developmental & Reproductive Pathology

Creative Animodel offers a complete range of pathology services to support our clients' research. Our pathology services contain anatomic pathology and histology, clinical pathology, molecular pathology, neuropathology and developmental & reproductive pathology. Our specialized pathology laboratory services can meet your assay or biomarker development requirements. In addition, complete platforms and experienced experts guarantee the specific research requirements or drug safety studies.

Why Developmental & Reproductive Pathology Evaluation Is Important?

Developmental and reproductive is a field of study that the growth and medical issues associated with the different stages of reproductive development. Any harmful exposure may interfere normal reproduction in some way with, including adverse effects on sexual function and fertility in adult males and females, as well as developmental toxicity in the offspring. Many drugs have been proven harmful to the human reproductive system. So it is necessary to evaluate potential effects of candidates on reproductive function and development of offspring.
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Services Provided by Creative Animodel

Developmental & reproductive pathology services require a high level of scientific expertise and experience, and perfect platforms. The pathologists at Creative Animodel have years of experience in evaluating potential effects of drug candidates in animals of different ages and stages.
We provide the following services, but are not limited to:
> Multispecies, fully automated sperm analysis
> Evaluation of male reproductive toxicity endpoints
> Maternal toxicity
> Fetal morphological examinations
> Soft tissue examinations
> Skeletal staining and evaluation

Our Advantages
• A comprehensive support program for the implementation and evaluation of development and reproductive
• The assessment of in vivo and/or in vitro developmental pathology
• Provide pathology support for assessing development and reproductive toxicology
• A full range of services containing protocol design, study management, and data interpretation

Creative Animodel's developmental and reproductive services are quite unique in the pharmaceutical industry as our professional experts, perfect instrumentations and validated technologies all guarantee the quality services offer for our global clients. We will be your best and most reliable partner, we are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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