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A well-functioning immune system is an essential integrant of the body, and malfunction can cause severe health outcomes. These outcomes range from weakened resistance to infection and neoplasia to allergic and autoimmune conditions. Drugs may act directly on the immune system, leading to immunosuppression and weakened resistance to infections and tumors. In addition, direct toxicity may also cause dysregulation of homeostasis, thereby triggering exaggerated immune responses, which may accelerate allergic or autoimmune phenomena. Alternatively, drugs may be recognized by the immune system as xenobiotics, hence resulting in allergy or autoimmunity.

Considering that infectious and neoplastic diseases remain a significant burden on public health, the role of drug exposures in changes to immune-related health consequences over time remains an open question. A feasible and proper immunotoxicity risk assessment for drug candidates is therefore warranted.


Immunotoxicity Assays at Creative Animodel
At Creative Animodel, our immunology expert team can evaluate a compound’s potential to be an immunostimulator or immunosuppressor. We can offer you fully integrated services to define immunological endpoints and changes of cellular function caused by test compounds. Our complete list of in vitro immunotoxicity assays are as follows:
Lymphocyte proliferation assaysMixed lymphocyte reaction assaysCytotoxic T lymphocyte assaysADCC and CDC assaysNatural killer cell assaysDendritic cell-based assaysCytokine/chemokine assays

Creative Animodel has spent decades of efforts to provide specialty pharmacology services. With our experienced scientists and automation platforms, we have strong expertise in offering both standard and custom immunotoxicity assessments in compliance with FDA and EMA guidelines to assist your project with the best chance of success in clinical studies. We look forward to the cooperation with you in the near future.

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