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In Vivo Dermal Toxicology

The skin is a significant portal of entry of hazardous agents and a vulnerable target organ system. Most repeat-dose dermal toxicity studies (chemicals applied topically) are intended to characterize irritation potential, cutaneous and/or systemic toxicity associated with topical administration of compounds, and results used to predict human response.

Several in vivo animal models are usually used to study the effects of different substances applied to the skin. Selection of the animals used may result in obtaining different types of information and relevance of the test results to human dermal exposure. The ability of a chemical to irritate the skin following an acute exposure is usually determined in rabbits, and involves the application of a chemical to the fur-clipped backs of the animals, with the degree of irritation scored for erythema (redness), eschar (scab formation), edema (swelling) and corrosive action. Although the rabbit is typically more responsive than man, which is a feature that is highly relevant to risk assessment, other animal species including guinea pig, rat and mouse are also proven useful.

Our In Vivo Dermal Toxicology Services

Rat, mouse, rabbit and pig are the most relevant species used for in vivo dermal penetration testing. Our available in vivo dermal toxicology services include:Acute single or multiple dose dermal toxicity studiesShort-term (7- to 28-day), subchronic (90-day), or chronic dermal toxicity studiesTwo-year oncogenicity dermal studiesAcute perivascular irritation studiesDelayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) and hypersensitization studiesPhototoxicity and ultraviolet light studiesCo-carcinogenicity dermal studiesSkin irritation studies to intact or abraded skinBotulinum studies

In addition, we also have a package of specialized assessment methods: Optical coherence tomography (OCT)Enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELIZA)Laser Doppler for blood flowHistopathology assaysImmunohistochemistry assaysSilhouette photography

Creative Animodel offers rapid and dependable toxicokinetic (TK) analyses, interpretation and TK reporting of bioanalytical data generated from preclinical toxicology and drug metabolism studies. Our preclinical team has extensive experience to make your animal research projects a success. Specifically tailored, individual study designs enable our clients to achieve their product development goals and facilitate regulatory approval. We can also offer in vitro dermatotoxicology program planning to conduct safety assessments for your compounds. We will be pleasured to be your partner to make a contribution to human health. Look forward to working with you in the near future.

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