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In Vivo Toxicology

In vivo toxicology is the study about toxic effects of chemical and biological compounds based on quantitative and statistical analysis. Creative Animodel provides acute, subchronic and chronic toxicity assays. Acute toxicity assays focus on the toxic effects of a large single dose of the drug candidate. Subchronic and chronic toxicity assays are longer term studies focused on long term usage of medicine and subsequent adverse effects. Subchronic studies usually simulate repeated small dosages of the chemical substance within 90 days, while chronic studies are over months to years.

The intake of drug substance and the variation with time help create dose response curves to determine the thresholds of biological activity and levels of toxicity. The route of administration is also a focal point of in vivo toxicology. In a living system, the ability of a compound to reach its target can unintentionally be influenced by immune systems, metabolic processes, and natural mechanisms. Therefore, various drug administration routes are evaluated to determine their benefits and toxicity and anticipate clinical results and optimize beneficial efficacy. The study should determine an effective and safe administration route, as well as optimal dosage to prevent adverse effects of drugs.

Evaluation of potential toxic side effects is critical to promote INDs to clinical trials. Potential side effects can impact the future health and survival rate of the subject, even its progeny. Such side effects can be detrimental to the functionality of vital organs, the immune system, and the integrity of the DNA. Comprehensive toxicology assays can be run to study topical toxicity, mutagenic properties, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity and so on. Additional studies focusing on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics also contribute greatly to the new drug application.

Creative Animodel offers a full report summary of toxicity including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, urinalysis, chemistry, and histopathology results.

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