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Molecular Pathology

Creative Animodel is committed to the development of new and advanced molecular testing for hematology, oncology, genetic, infectious diseases, etc. Testing in our company includes targeted mutation detection, quantification and mutation profiling of a series of diseases. Our state-of-the-art technology used for nearly all types of drugs, chemicals, biologics and devices enables us to offer a wide array of routine and specialized molecular pathology services in support of in vivo and in vitro studies.

What Is Molecular Pathology?

Molecular pathology is based on the principles and techniques of molecular biology as they are applied to medical practice in the clinical laboratory. Molecular biology methods are used to elucidate the genetic and molecular basis of many diseases, and these discoveries ultimately lead to the field of molecular pathology. Eventually, the insights these tools provided for laboratory medicine are so valuable to the armamentarium of the pathologist that they are incorporated into pathology practice.
Molecular pathology is a natural extension of anatomic and clinical pathology. A comprehensive assessment of pathologic changes is also integral to pre-clinical studies for determining safety, efficacy and mechanism of action of novel therapeutic agents.

Our Molecular Pathology Services

Sequencing: our sequencing methodology includes Sanger sequencing and parallels deep sequencing.
Mutation analysis: our mutation analysis services include extraction of genomic DNA and mutation analysis based on qPCR using mutation specific primers.
Expression profiling: we offer high-quality gene expression profiling services by utilizing the Nanostring nCounter Analysis system, Affymetrix microarrays and multiplex qRT-PCR.
Histology: our general histology services include paraffin embedding of tissues and the preparation of frozen tissues; H&E staining; sectioning and immunohistochemistry.
Digital pathology: we scan bright-field and fluorescence slides as full digital scans and use computer-assisted quantification of tissue slides stained by FISH and IHC.
Tissue microarray (TMA): we offer in-house construction of TMA either from our own tissue repository or by using customer’s FFPE tissue specimens.
ELISA: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) are mainly performed to evaluate pharmacokinetic parameters.
Laser micro-dissection: our laser micro-dissection (LCM) allows researchers to analyze specific cells within a larger sample.
Macro & Micro-dissection: we offer Macro & Micro-dissection services on formalin fixed tissues to support your pathology needs.

Creative Animodel’s anatomic and clinical pathologists are recognized experts in toxicologic pathology, carcinogenesis research and diagnostic pathology in support of IND-enabling researches and safety programs. The goal of our molecular pathology services is to produce a comprehensive integrated report, incorporating histological, morphometric and molecular genetic information to aid in diagnosis and prediction of response to therapy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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