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Chemicals are an indispensable part of life, which save the lives as well as endanger health. A number of therapeutic substances, including some anticancer and antiviral agents, can cause adverse or neurotoxic side effects at the therapeutic level. The estimated number of chemicals with neurotoxic potential ranges from 3% to 28% of all chemicals. Therefore, estimating the neurotoxic potential of chemicals is of much concern with regard to their impact on human health.

Neurotoxicity Assays at Creative Animodel

Neuronal Cell Toxicity
Any of compounds with potential neuronal cell toxicity must be taken into account. We provide a complete list of neuronal cell toxicity assays to assist you in identifying treatments that generate neuroprotective effects but do not cause neurotoxicity.
Neurite Outgrowth Assay
Neurite outgrowth during development leads to the establishment of functional nervous system and brain. The measurements of neurite outgrowth is an important tool in drug discovery screens to identify promising treatments without harm to the process of neurite outgrowth.
Neuronal Cell Signaling Assay
Cell signaling is a complex communication mechanism that involves multiple players inside and outside the cell. We provide a panel of in vitro assays to assess the impact and toxicity of drug candidates on neuronal cell signaling pathways.
Neural Crest Migration Assay
Neural crest cells (NCCs) migrate throughout the embryo and result in morphogenesis. But some chemical can induce an altered migration of NCCs. For example, retinoic acids can cause fetal malformation by inhibiting the migration of cephalic NCCs. We provide qualified neural crest migration assay to help our client exclude compounds that may affect the normal neural crest migration.
Microelectrode Array Neurotoxicity Assay
We conduct the neurotoxicity testing using the high-throughput microelectrode array (MEA) technology to study the effects of compounds on the nervous system. In addition, this assay provides access to preclinical drug discovery and disease modeling.

Creative Animodel has spent decades of efforts to provide specialty pharmacology services in human diseases. With our experienced scientists and automation platforms, we have strong expertise in offering both standard and custom in vitro drug safety assessments in efforts to assist your project the best chance of success in in vivo testing. Looking forward to helping advance your project.

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