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Phototoxicity is also called photoirritation. It is a kind of skin irritation induced by chemicals which requires light, but the process does not involve the immune system.

Normally percutaneous drugs and some drugs that will need systemic circulation through ingestion or parenteral administration to reach the skin and make the drugs work, all involve the potential stimulation of the skin. The drug or chemical may be stable under no illumination. Once it absorbs light, the absorbed energy produces molecular changes that will cause toxicity. The skin response resembles an exaggerated sunburn, characterized by redness and itching, pain and even fester.

Due to phototoxicity is more common and serious than photoallergy, FDA Guidance demands that any compounds or cosmetics which can absorb UVB, UVA or visible light in the range of 290-700 nm and can reach the skin or eyes need to be tested for potential phototoxicity.

Phototoxicity Testing at Creative Animodel

Since both topically applied and systemically administered drugs have the potential to induce photosensitivity, different test systems have been developed. Among that neutral red phototoxicity test is the most common method. An in vitro test determines the novel drug or compounds whether have the cytotoxic and phototoxicity effect on murine fibroblasts (3T3) in the presence or absence of UVA light.

In addition to cell test, we also prepare the animal test to meet your special needs. Including but not limited to:
Qualitative and quantitative phototoxicology in mice, rats and guinea pigsAssessment of potential damage to visceral organOcular phototoxicity in rats and rabbitsSafety assessment of photodynamic drugsSafety assessment of unique light sources

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