Creative Animodel totally understands that it is a challenging and long-time process to develop novel therapies especially anticancer regimens. As an experienced bioscience CRO, we would like to help you accelerate the process through our preclinical services including PD, PK, toxicology services and the establishment of tumor-bearing animal models, ...
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Custom Model Generation

Creative Animodel will deliver its services with the highest possible quality standards, and will make sure the selected customers will be satisfied with the entire process of paid activities:
• Project evaluation    • Recombined ES cells
• Blastocyst injection    • Heterozygous animals
• Homozygous animals    • Cohort production
• Phenotyping ....>> MORE
Creative Animodel provides a high quality service for the generation of gene-targeted knock-in mouse models. Our team has many years of experience in vector design, ES cell targeting and mouse handling.
Below you will find our different types of Knock-in designs:
Custom Humanized Mouse Services -This type of mouse models are extensively used as the replacement of in vivo study of human diseases, such as ....>> MORE
RNA interference has become a widely used approach to perform gene knockdown experiments in cell cultures and more recently transgenic animals. It has developed into a routine method to assess gene function in a fast and easy manner. Since 2008, Creative Animodel's scientists have generated more than 200 RNAi models for innovative biomedical researchers. These RNAi models allow researchers to induce and reverse gene knockdown in transgenic mice at selected time points ....>> MORE
Creative Animodel's commitment to developing and producing gene targeted mouse models as effective research tools began with conventional mouse knockouts. With the development of technology and the expansion of excellent research team, Creative Animodel has expanded our core competencies to more challenging and intricate variations of knockouts to continue to bring powerful research tools to our clients. ....>> MORE
The latest tool in genome editing-CRISPR/Cas9- allows for specific genome disruption and replacement in a flexible and simple system resulting in high specificity and low cell toxicity. It is analogous to the TALEN DNA nuclease system and can be used to induce mutations at targeted regions in a model organism's genome.
It is clear that the CRISPR/Cas system will be widely developed and used as a targeted mutation system in human cells and in mice/rat ....>> MORE
Mammals are often used for scientific research due to their close biological resemblance to humans. Human cell lines or diseases can be introduced into these species for experimentation, particularly rodents genetically engineered to remove part or all of their immune system so that foreign biological material is not rejected by the immune system.
High quality science and specialized knowledge are cornerstones of Creative Animodel's specialty services. ....>> MORE

PK/PD Services

ADME Services
Creative Animodel offers a suite of in vivo ADME services and features an in vivo team with over 10 years of experience. We are equipped to conduct in-life studies in rat (intact or bile/jugular vein cannulated), mouse and dog. Creative Animodel provides comprehensive radiolabel ADME study support across non-clinical species ....>> MORE
In Vivo PK
Translational Research (PK) will be involved in the design and execution of in vivo PK/ADME studies and the evaluation of clinical pharmacokinetic data to support the development of Creative Animodel product candidates ....>> MORE
Pharmacokinetics characterizes the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination properties of a drug. Pharmacodynamics defines the physiological and biological response to the administered drug. Because any of the PK/PD parameters will correlate with drug efficacy and it is very difficult to reduce the inter-relationships among various PK/PD parameters, integrated PK/PD analysis are incorporated into many drug development programs and are having ....>> MORE
Pharmacodynamics services
Pharmacodynamics is the study of the relationship between the concentration of a drug and the response obtained in the study systems. It describes the pharmacological effect of analyzed drug. Creative Animodel's aim is to support pre-clinical drug development as well as providing bioanalytical and consultation services to industry. ....>> MORE

Toxicology and Safety Assessment

Non-Human Primates

Nonhuman Primates
NHP Research Services
Creative Animodel has been performing vital non-human primate (NHP) studies for government and ....>>MORE
NHP Disease Models
Creative Animodel expertizes in developing and running non-human primate (NHP) animal models to ....>>MORE
NHP Biological Products
Creative Animodel provides numerous non-human primate biological products and materials, including ....>>MORE

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